Form RRB-1099 and RRB-1099-R

This form is actually two forms in one.

The top part (with blue printing) is RRB-1099 which is treated the same as a Social Security statement.

Enter the amounts shown in the blue section as Social Security income.

The bottom part (with green printing) is RRB-1099-R which is treated the same as a 'normal' 1099-R.

Enter data from these boxes into TaxSlayer:

  • Box 3 Total Employee Contributions

  • Box 7 Total Gross Paid

  • Box 9 Federal Income Tax Withheld

    Also, in TaxSlayer, complete the entry for Box 7a Taxable Amount. (The taxable amount may have to be determined using the Simplified Method.)

  • Update Feb 26, 2018: (email from Mirta)

    We have had several instances at several sites where a husband and wife each come in with their own RRB-1099-R, but only one of them was an employee of the railroad and contributed to his/her pension.

    • The retired employee has Employee Contributions, Total Gross paid, etc. For this person, some of the Gross paid may be non-taxable. The only way to know how much is taxable is to use the Bogart Simplified method, or (hopefully) whoever did it last year printed the Bogart result and included it with last years tax return.

    • The non-employee has Total Gross paid but no Contributions. For this person, all of the Total Gross Paid is taxable.