AARP Volunteer Portal

The AARP Volunteer Portal is an easy to use website that provides tools, information and resources for AARP and AARP Foundation Volunteers.  It is also the vehicle for submitting reimbursement claims for mileage and approved expenses.

The link for the portal is

You need to register at the site to use it. BE SURE TO RECORD YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD IN A SECURE LOCATION.

Messages and Alerts Navigation Panel

On the left side of the Volunteer Portal Home screen should be a teal-colored navigation panel with Messages and Alerts at the top of the panel (as shown in the left image, below). However, if your Portal view does not show that navigation panel (right image, below), here's how to display it.


Look for the tiny triangles in the magenta circles in the above images. If the left panel is displayed (left image), clicking on the left-pointing arrow will collapse the panel. Similarly, if the left panel is not displayed (right image), clicking on the right-pointing arrow will display the panel.

OneSupport Help Center

At the bottom of the teal-shaded navigation panel is a small menu of Tax-Aide Links.

Click on OneSupport Help Center to go to that resource (illustrated below).